Conflict resolution/ independent investigations and advocacy services

At Case-uk, we carry out theory and practice of Conflict Resolution (CR). Resolving a conflict builds stronger and more unified organisations and more rewarding relationships that help to produce successful organisations and ensure you achieve your aims.

When would you choose us?
When conflicts arise within an organisation it is important that they are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible to enable the organisation to continue smoothly and successfully. As independent investigators, we will work fast and impartially to get the views of all those involved and produce a set of practical and realistic recommendations that can be implemented for the organisation to move forward. Contact us if you if you have any of the following concerns:

  • When those persons involved cannot resolve an issue and support and advice off others is needed
  • When you have been made aware of issue within the organisation but no one is willing to make a formal complaint
  • When you’re concerned at the risk of escalation
  • When you need to bring a situation to an early and constructive close in order for the organisation to continue in achieving their main objectives
  • When solutions are becoming unclear, or situations are becoming complex
  • When one member of staff’s sick leave is becoming increasingly more concerning as the believe this to be the only option

Need someone to act as an independent person or provide an advocacy role for a service user, contact Case-uk Limited who will support this role with qualified and well informed individuals.

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