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Case-uk have over 25 years’ experience of delivering tailor-made training to meet clients’ specific needs. This high quality and flexible service covers a wide variety of training topics which are delivered in an environment to meet the needs of the participant. We work closely with you and your organisation to design training for different levels of skills and knowledge.

The delivery of our work has a variety of expected outcomes. In the past, the courses and personal support delivered has seen a positive impact on personal, social, educational and economic status of our learners.

We are based in the Customer Centre and provide a central point for information on training and education opportunities.

Non- Accredited Learning- Non-accredited learning can be effective in

  • maintaining good wellbeing amongst the population (Learning for fun) as well as generating interest in a subject area
  • allowing people to have a taster of subjects and different courses that they can then use to further develop their skills and gain further qualifications through one of our accredited courses
  • re-enforcing good working practices across your organisations, and
  • building the capacity of your workforce to meet legislation and accept change management approaches

Accredited Learning- Accredited Learning is learning that has been accredited or otherwise certificated by an institution of higher education. A list of accredited learning opportunities are detailed within our brochure.

Specialist Training – At Case-uk we offer specialist training courses so that your or you employees specific training needs are met. Our specialist training courses can allow you to gain further knowledge in order for you to progress in your career or as an employer enables you to motivate and retain your employees in order that your unique requirements can be met.

More Links:

Good link / Resources

Information sheets on a range of learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

Provides a list of sites dealing with dyslexia, including assessment, teaching principles, learning programmes etc. A start might be to check out the current Top Ten Sites.

A starting point for information on ADHD.

Information in speech and language delay/disorders. Includes activities for speech therapy, downloadable games and resources and links to related organisations.

For information related to dyspraxia

Relates to learning difficulties with numeracy/maths. Also, has information on other special needs including dyslexia.

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