Research and Evaluation

At Case-uk, we conduct all forms of quantitative / qualitative research and evaluation by using precise, practical approaches that our clients can easily understand and use whatever their research background. Our data and research is used through a variety of different techniques including online surveys, discussion groups, and questionnaires, which enable us to achieve reliable, unbiased and high quality data and evaluation which provides a practical route into policy development and delivery for our clients.

The evidence generated through effective research will provide the organisations supported with documentation that could potentially be utilised in terms of identifying future needs and priorities, thus influencing funding decisions and increased income generation.

Our work covers these broad subject areas, but we are always happy to consider work beyond these:

  • Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Labour Market Intelligence
  • Education and Training
  • Social Care and the community
  • Community Development and Regeneration
  • Social and Demographic Statistics
  • Social Inclusion
  • Skills including Employer Engagement

Need someone to undertake research or an impact study, contact Case-uk Limited who will work with you and your key stakeholders to produce evidence based reports and plans.

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